What Haunts You?

A year ago, I took a workshop entitled “Haunted Letters” facilitated by the talented writer Susan Nguyen. The workshop explored epistolary poems (poems that read like letters), as well as the ‘zine platform.

The hands-on portion of the workshop focused on exercises to inspire participants to create a ‘zine featuring an epistolary poem based on something that “haunts” you.

While I was engrossed in the entirety of the workshop, there wasn’t enough time to complete the end product. I had every intention of finishing my ‘zine within a week of the class and sharing it with other workshop participants, but that never happened.

I got as far as drafting the letter part, but didn’t translate it into a ‘zine.

Fast forward a year a later, and I’m sifting through my notes from this class. At the time, I was either too scared, stressed or exhausted to truly ponder this question. What does haunt me?

Reflecting on this question a year later, I’d probably say the past. Analyzing choices I either did or didn’t make, thinking I should managed my time better, etc… It sounds like such a mundane thing to be haunted by, but that’s my truth.

I know- we should never look back at the past with regret. I’ve had a bad habit of thinking and re-thinking decisions, conversations, you name it.

It’s taken me years to let go and not automatically play the “what if” game, and this activity was a huge reminder to not let that “what if” game haunt me further.

I’m still undecided if I will take my poem and display it in a ‘zine format, but either way I won’t let the indecision haunt me.

So- let’s start a conversation. Comment below and share what haunts you!



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