One Locomotive

This 2013 Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post challenges us to post a photo where one thing is the focal point.  Flipping through my library of photos, I found a picture where the focal point is hard to miss.  While strolling through Heritage Park in Downtown Phoenix, I snapped a picture of this locomotive which is encased in glass.


This is only one of 75 steam locomotives built by the Davenport Locomotive Works (of Davenport Iowa). This locomotive, built in 1905, would routinely travel the Tombstone and Southern Railroads in Arizona.


3 responses to “One Locomotive”

  1. Let another place to discover in Phoenix 🙂


    1. Yeah! It’s on the opposite end of downtown from the Capitol Complex – its over on Monroe and 7th Street. Heritage Square Park is a quaint little place to walk around. There are also some notable restaurants in the park.


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