Commuter Chronicles #12: Extra Lighting

A few months back, in the height of the summer, I spotted this light rail passenger sitting at the stop with presumably a new purchase.

Light Rail Lamp


From my vantage point across the street, it looked like a lamp.  I was so glad to be taking the express bus home instead of the light rail that day.  The light rail trains are usually packed at that hour. I was stunned when this woman found enough space to squeeze into the train with the over-sized lamp.


4 responses to “Commuter Chronicles #12: Extra Lighting”

  1. Ha! What I would have given to see one good gust of wind! I guess a taxi wasn’t a good alternative…


    1. Yeah, I suppose a taxi would not have worked! Everyone at the bus stop across the street kept gawking at this woman with her lamp. It was definitely a sight.


  2. Incredible! 😉


    1. It was pretty incredible. That lamp looked much larger in person.



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