NFL Music Poll Results

Hello there NFL fans.  At the beginning of preseason football, I posted a summary of NFL theme songs in CBS, Fox, NBC or the Mouse House: Who Has the Best NFL Theme Music?  This article has continued to receive visitors each week as others search for information on NFL theme music. As the NFL regular season is currently in Week 11 of 17, this seemed like a good time to close down the poll and post the results.

Before I get to the results, let’s quickly talk about Week 12, which includes Thanksgiving Day games. Below is the current schedule:

Houston  at Detroit  – CBS

Washington  at Dallas  – Fox

New England at New York  – NBC

The Cowboys have been the traditional Thanksgiving Day football game, and there is a healthy NFC East rivalry between Washinton and Dallas, so this game will more than likely have quite a few eyeballs glued to it which bodes well for Fox Sports.

However, based on my NFL Theme Music Poll, viewers of the Houston vs. Detroit game will more than likely enjoy their NFL viewing experience the most out of all three games as CBS’s Posthumus Zone was the ultimate winner. Below are the results:

CBS’s Posthumus Zone narrowly edged out Fox’s theme music in my very unscientific poll of theme music.  NBC and The Mouse House were tied up at 4 votes a piece.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. Hope you all enjoyed comparing these four pieces of theme music.



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