CBS, Fox, NBC or the Mouse House: Who Has the Best NFL Theme Music?

Not a fan of American Football? Keep reading, this post is equal parts football  AND music.

Pre- season NFL football kicks off Sunday August 5, 2012, and the first scheduled preseason match up is the Arizona Cardinals against the New Orleans Saints.  Now, I’m not a super huge sports nut, but I do enjoy following the NFL football season and catching a game or two each week.  Part of the enjoyment of the game for me is the unique music each network uses in their telecasts.

CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC have 4 very identifiable instrumental themes that any NFL fan should recognize.   So I got to thinking, which one best conjures up the excitement of NFL football?  Though I’m familiar with the music, I recently sat down to really listen to each of them in succession and found that one in particular really conjures up the sights, sounds and memories of watching football.

Before I reveal my favorite piece of NFL theme music, let me walk  you through all 4 tunes so you can decide for yourself.


CBS’s theme since 2003, Posthumus Zone by group E.S. Posthumus is a bombastic overture.  CBS commissioned the group, composed of classically trained brothers Helmut and Franz Vonlichten, to come up with a theme for their NFL telecasts.  This bold piece could easily be at home in movies, yet it seems to fit in perfectly as a prelude to football.


NBC’s current instrumental NFL theme music was composed by John Williams in 2006, when NBC began airing Sunday Night Football due to ESPN’s acquisition of Monday Night Football from sister network ABC.

Mostly trumpets and percussion, this also sounds as though it would be at home on the big screen.


Fox’s theme is the second oldest NFL theme of the 4 listed here.  Composed in 1994, it is more synthetic sounding than CBS and NBC’s themes.  It begins with a trumpet solo and a piece of the theme sounds very similar to the classic Christmas tune Sleigh Ride.  It also features a guitar solo – which is a clear departure from the very classical sounding themes of the other networks.

The theme has drawn some criticism recently, as the Fox network decided to use the NFL theme for other sporting events as well.  While many sports fans would agree the theme appropriately embodies the spirit of NFL football, it doesn’t pair as well with other sports, such as Major League Baseball (MLB).

ABC/ESPN – a.k.a. The “Mouse House”

ESPN’s Monday Night Football (MNF) (which formerly aired on sister network ABC from 1970 until 2005) theme music has been around the longest of all 4 pieces discussed here.  The theme, Heavy Action, was composed by Johnny Pearson in the early 1970’s.  The piece made it’s first television debut as the theme song for Superstars, a sports themed showed on the BBC.

By 1978, after ABC acquired the rights to develop Superstars in the U.S., Heavy Action was used to introduce MNF.  It wasn’t until 1989 that Heavy Action was proclaimed the official theme of MNF.

When MNF made the move to ESPN in 2006, Heavy Action moved with it.  The piece has be re-arranged several times over the years, but the first 20 seconds of the piece is perhaps one of the most recognizable themes in sports.

Although I can appreciate all 4 pieces, Heavy Action hands down is my favorite.  From it’s uplifting intro to it’s moving melody, the piece creates a feeling of excitement and suspense from start to finish.

In fact, if I could have a theme music for myself, Heavy Action would be it.  No really- picture this song blasting through the air every time you enter a room.  Wouldn’t every day feel like a new adventure?

Well dear readers, now that you’ve had some time to compare all 4 pieces, which theme do you prefer?


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14 responses to “CBS, Fox, NBC or the Mouse House: Who Has the Best NFL Theme Music?”

  1. I think I need Heavy Action on my Ipod.


    1. I concur. It’s been playing in my head non-stop for two weeks now and I keep clicking the link above on youtube. I’ll have to head on over to Amazon this weekend and download it.


  2. What a great post! I read it out loud to my husband and he tried to hum the themes before I played them …. we had fun with this. Thank you!


    1. LOL really! I’m glad you found my post fun. I’ve been humming these songs in my head for two weeks now, and finally got around to blogging about them. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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  4. I like the Fox’s NFL song. I was playing each of selections and my husband walked in on Fox’s. He immediately knew it had something to do with football. I think this song is iconic for the NFL and should stay. Heavy Action is good, but it is Monday night football. Fox’s theme is for every game. Great post, Nicole. I love the poll! 🙂


    1. I still feel like Heavy Action embodies football even though it was specifically for Monday Night Football. I like Fox’s theme, but I don’t agree with the network’s decision to use it for other sports. As a football theme, it’s great.

      Thanks for playing along and voting!


      1. I didn’t realize that Fox wanted to use it for other sports. That is just wrong…it’s a football song…period.

        Okay then my second choice is Heavy Action. 🙂


      2. LOL – yes apparently they started using it for all their sports telecasts over a year ago. I really don’t follow any other major sports, so I didn’t notice. I found this out when I was putting this blog post together. There are… a lot of angry sports fans out there that don’t understand why this music is being played for MLB or NASCAR.

        Honestly, when I think of MLB, I just think of organ music. I can’t picture how this theme music would sound for a baseball game.


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