Commuter Chronicles #6: Top 3

This installment of Commuter Chronicles is a short series of Top 3 lists related to commuting via public transportation.  Two of these items are from my experiences using public transportation in SoCal.  Can you guess which two those are?




Top 3 Most Awkward Items Seen Transported Via the Public Bus

  1. Stereo system complete with woofers and sub-woofers
  2. Surfboards
  3. A week’s worth of groceries

Top 3 Most Unusual Items Left Behind on the Public Bus

  1. Batteries
  2. Angry letter to an ex
  3. Binoculars

Top 3 Annoying Comments/Questions Posed to Me by Complete Strangers on the Public Bus

  1. “Where did you get your highlights?  Oh and can I try on your glasses?”
  2. “Can I borrow $5? Pretty Please?”
  3. “Wow – that women who just left the bus was staring at your watch the whole time.”


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