Commuter Chronicles #3 Update: Rest in Peace Burt Sugar

Earlier this week I uploaded a “Commuter Chronicles” post about a how a fellow light rail passenger thought he spotted Bert Sugar waiting for the next train. I didn’t even know who Bert Sugar was until this encounter at the light rail in July 2011, and I thought it was an interesting enough encounter to blog about. I just logged on about 30 minutes and saw the news that Bert Sugar died today after going into cardiac arrest.

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the news.  Based on what I’ve read about Bert, he was a larger than life character.  I think a personality like Bert serves as a good reminder that we should all try to live life to its  fullest.

Granted, most of us have to earn our living in less than glamorous jobs and many of us may never fully realize our dreams or talents.  But someone like Bert who made a career around something he was passionate about can serve as an inspiration. Even if your life isn’t going in the direction you hoped it would, there is always time to change your outlook and find ways to incorporate your interests – your passions, into everyday life.

The funny thing is – now I wish I could find that other passenger and shake his hand, even if it is covered with orange Cheeto  dust.  I probably would have never thought twice about the news surrounding Bert Sugar today if not for that strange conversation at the light rail stop.



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