transmissions from the sonoran desert.

Desert Bontanical Garden @ Papago Park. Phoenix , AZ ca. 2013

Part narrative, part photography, 100% inspiration.


  • What Haunts You?
    A year ago, I took a workshop entitled “Haunted Letters” facilitated by the talented writer Susan Nguyen. The workshop explored epistolary poems (poems that read like letters), as well as the ‘zine platform. The hands-on portion of the workshop focused on exercises to inspire participants to create a ‘zine featuring an epistolary poem based on […]
  • Harvest Moon 2021
    Apologies dear readers. My last post was over a year ago during which I gave the appearance that I was ready to revive this site. Turns out, I was not. My attention was split in a few directions. Also, WordPress changed A LOT since I was last active and it’s taken me time to understand […]
  • So…it’s been awhile.
    After a 7 year break, I decided to dust off the old laptop and jump back in. A lot has happened in the past 7 years. I started this blog back in June 2011 initially as a way to work on creative writing pieces. Once in the WordPress community, I discovered there were so many […]
  • Great Backyard Birdcount
    Happy New Year Everyone! Hard to believe it is already February.  It has been a very busy month.  For many of you in the U.S., this is a holiday weekend due to President’s Day.  If you have some extra time on your hands due to the holiday, consider signing up for the Great Backyard Bird […]
  • One Locomotive
    This 2013 Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post challenges us to post a photo where one thing is the focal point.  Flipping through my library of photos, I found a picture where the focal point is hard to miss.  While strolling through Heritage Park in Downtown Phoenix, I snapped a picture of this locomotive […]
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